Monday, September 25, 2017

Daiso Haul - Tube Squeezer That I've Seen on Japanese TV Show

     This weekend, my husband and I went to Daiso and purchased magic eraser sponges, tube squeezer and etc. As I mentioned in my previous entry, Top 10 Products You Should Buy at Daiso, I think that magic eraser sponges are very inexpensive at Daiso. It is not easy to find these at this price at any other store. In addition to the sponges, I purchased Tube Squeezer for my first time because I saw this product on Japanese TV show. They showed top 10 Daiso products which were chosen by 300 staffs of Daiso Japan, and I wanted to try some of them. I also found a few items I've seen on TV there. Since Daiso branches in the U.S. don't carry as many products as ones in Japan do, I was glad that I could find it. (For instance, I still cannot find Daiso Detergent Cleaning for Markup Puff and Sponge, so I always buy one when I visit Japan. )

          You can use up every last toothpaste with this Tube Squeezer. It also work for wasabi tube, beauty cream tube and etc. 

      I used this Tube Squeezer for my Colgate toothpaste. It works great so far. :)

     It includes the suction hook, so you can hang a toothpaste tube (up to 300g). 

     I used to believe that cheap suction hook usually doesn't work great, but this one works way better than I expected. However, I don't use the hook because I prefer to hide toothpaste in drawer or cabinet rather than to display it.

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