Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Wish List

I'd like to get these makeup products someday.
Sigma Essential Kit-Make Me Classy $109.00
I'm using Ecotools makeup brushes. Right now I am satisfied with my makeup brushes, but I sometimes think I need more brushes. I have seen reviews on sigma makeup brushes on youtube videos many times. I think sigma brushes are more popular than Ecotools brushes. But these are rather expensive for me. I have to think twice before purchasing.

Elf  Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder $3.00
This is very inexpensive! I have seen many reviews as well. I heard that this was very similar to Nars Blush - Bronzer Duo.
Nars Blush - Bronzer Duo $41.00
I'd like to try Elf one. I think I can buy at Target whenever I go to because it is very affordable price. However, I already have many blushes. If I ask myself whether or not I really need it, I have to say No. But, I might try it someday.

I tried sample of L'OREAL PARIS Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer. It can be used as primer and highlighter. Actually it was better than I expected. When I tried it, the makeup didn't break down at the end of the night. I thought I'd like to buy it someday.
L'OREAL PALIS Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer $12.95

These are my wish list. :)

 Today's Vocabulary
・ rather : adverb / かなり、随分
・ think twice : (実行する前に)よく考える、熟考する
・ wish list : 願い事(欲しい物)リスト

Friday, June 29, 2012

As a Seller

I am usually satisfied with my purchases from Amazon. However, I rarely experience some problems.
I ordered Grey's Anatomy Season 1 to 7 DVD set from Amazon on June 12. I already got an email for shipment confirmation from seller on the same night. It has already been 17 days since then. However, I haven't received my DVDs yet. I sent an email to the seller four days ago, but they haven't sent me a reply yet. There are two reviews for the seller over past 12 months. Both reviews states that they were not able to receive their products. I was thinking I might not receive it either... I was wondering where it is getting shipped from. It might be from out of the country.

Two years ago, I ordered my textbook from Amazon. I was waiting for it for over a month. At last, I got an email from the seller. They said that they hadn't realized my order and asked me whether or not I still needed my order. I was really upset, but I needed my textbook. I had to continue my order anyway. They said my address and their address were very close and they wanted to pass the textbook by directly meeting. I agreed with their suggestion because my class would start within the next few days. They suggested to meet at my college parking lot but they didn't show up. While I was waiting there, they were celebrating their graduation ceremony. I think the seller was really irresponsible. Next day, they brought the textbook to my apartment.

And also, I bought another textbook at different time. I didn't realized the textbook would come from UK. I was waiting over a month. I sent an email to the seller that I was not able to wait any longer and I wanted to get a refund. In my experience it usually takes about one to two weeks to arrive a package from Japan. So something was clearly wrong. I was able to get a full refund. Then, I received my textbook two weeks later. I think the package had ended up somewhere else for a while.

There are many seller on Amazon. Some sellers don't take the transaction as seriously as they should. I think it is important as a seller to deal with an order as soon as possible. If you can't do that, you shouldn't be a seller.
I have been auctioning on my own these day and I am a seller now. When my product sold, I contact my customer as soon as possible. After I confirm their payment, I go to a post office to send my package with in a day. This is my policy as a seller.

Anyway, my DVDs estimated delivery date is June 19th to July 5th. I have to wait another week. :(
Somehow, internet access has been unstable in my home these days. That's why when I watch online videos, it is interrupted many times. I was watching Grey's Anatomy through Amazon prime before. However, it was very difficult to watch now. I really need my DVDs which I ordered.

 Today's Vocabulary
・ satisfied with : 満足している
・ confirmation : noun / 確認(書)、立証書
・ transaction : noun / 取引
・ eliminated delivery date : 宅配予定日

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Received a Package from Hollister!

Today, I received a package which I ordered on June 21 from Hollister. As soon as I got a package, I tried on all the clothing. I specially liked navy frilled shirt.
Each frill was made by different fabric. It's super cute. Actually, it was cuter than I expected! :) It was only $14.94. I think it was good deal!
I bought same frilled shirt for my sister. I hope she will like it as well! I also liked other clothing which I ordered. I can't wait to go out wearing these clothing.:) Favorite new clothing makes me happy and outgoing. That's why I like fashion!

I used to avoid online shopping for clothing because clothing in Japan was very expensive and I wanted to make sure whether or not it was perfect for me. I needed to try it on every time at the time of purchase. It's because at most retailers you cannot return things after the transaction. Unlike Japan, many clothing is inexpensive and people can return or exchange freely in the U.S. I don't usually return my purchases unless it is a special case, but I can always buy with no stress. If it doesn't work or you change your mind, you can return it. I think the return system in the U.S. increases people's interest in buying.

 Today's Vocabulary
・ retailer : noun / 小売店
・ interest in buying : 購買意欲

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Is Perfect for Gifts?

Today, I met my friend at a cafe. It had been a month since we met last time. I was worried about her health because she had a surgery a month ago. However, I was glad that she said that she had recovered completely. She told me that she even forgot she had a surgery until her friends asked her for her condition. She and her sons are going to Korea next week. It has been five years since she left Korea. She has never visited back after moving to the U.S. She said she bought many gifts for her relatives and friends. She has spent about $5000 for their gifts. That's incredibly a lot! How can she take so many gifts to Korea. It might be a lot of work to take all. She said that her sons will be her porter during their vacation. I think that's a good idea. :) She told me that she bought some cactus honey powder for some of her gifts. She said that it is about $2 in the U.S., but it is $10 in Korea. I sometimes see it at Korean supermarkets, but I have never tried it. I don't know the taste of it. However, She said to me it was mistake to buy the cactus honey powder for gifts because it's heavy. She wants to take as many gifts as possible to Korea, but the weight of each luggage is limited. Hmmm... I thought the cactus honey sugar would be perfect for gift from U.S. even though it is heavy. However, I have seen it only at Korean supermarket. I think it's really famous in Korea, but it's not very popular in the U.S., right? Anyway, I'd like to try tasting it. When I go to Korean supermarket, I'll definitely buy it! If I like it, I will buy more for my sister. I know I won't buy too much because it's heavy to take back to Japan.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coffee Lab

Last Sunday, my husband and I went to Portola Coffee Lab. I have seen many reviews on some blog. I was really interested in it. I always wanted to go there if I had a chance.
The staffs of the coffee shop were wearing white lab coats. They looked like scientific researchers. That's really attractive.
 There were many coffee machines that looked like flasks. It seemed like a real lab. :)

 Many people were enjoying coffee while chatting and relaxing at the lab.

The menu was difficult to understand.

 We just ordered iced coffee and cappuccino.
We thought the iced coffee tasted little bit sour.  :(
The cappuccino was just as good as I expected! :)

 I was interested in the breakfast and lunch menu. I was wondering who would make these at the coffee lab... Hmmm... Maybe, those people who looked like scientists would cook.

Outside the building was also very stylish! I like this place.
 There was a fountain and...
 If I have a chance, I will go there again.

 Portola Coffee Lab
The OC Mart Mix
3313 Hyland Ave

Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(949) 284-0596

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 Today's Vocabulary
・ lab coat : 実験用白衣
・ scientific researcher : 科学研究者
・ attractive : adjective / 興味をそそる、人をひきつける

Monday, June 25, 2012

Problem with the Coach Bag

Yesterday, my husband used his coach bag for the first time, the one he bought at Cabazon Premium Outlet a week ago. While we were at Costco, he took something out from the bag and tried to buckle down to close the mouth of the bag. Somehow, he pushed the buckle in the wrong way, and it got stuck! We tried to release, but it didn't work at all. We went to Coach at South Coast plaza. There was a Japanese employee and I explained what had happened. Then, one of the other staffs fixed it right away. We were relieved. The Japanese staff suggested that we should take it to Coach Outlet, then they can exchange or refund. We bought three of the same bags last week. I was worried if it would happen again. However, my husband said it won't happen again because he knew he shouldn't push down the buckle by force. Hmmm... I don't know.
Today, I found some Japanese website. They were selling the exact same bags for $172.50. They mentioned that it was originally $918.75. I was wondering how they knew how much retail price is because this design isn't available at Coach Japan. Moreover, it was originally $198 in U.S. Anyway, the reviews of the bag in Japan were pretty good. I thought we don't have to exchange it. I will make sure to warn my brothers about the buckles, when I give it to them.

This is my entries related to my Coach shopping.

 Today's Vocabulary
・ for the first time : 初めて
・ take something out from : ~から何かを取り出す
・ buckle down : バックルのような金具で下に留める
・ the mouth of the bag : 袋の口
・ in the wrong way : 間違った方法で、間違って
・ get stuck : 引っかかる
・ relieved : adjective / ホッとした、安堵した、安心した
・ by force : 力ずくで

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Gift for My Sister

Today, I bought a bag for my sister at T.J. Maxx. At last, I finished buying gifts for all my siblings.

This bag was designed by Big Buddha, which originated in California. It was originally $95, but I paid $39.99 plus tax. I found one Japanese website which was selling it for $450. I thought it's perfect for summer style. :) I hope she will like it.

 Today's Vocabulary
・ originated in : 原産である、発祥である

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Their Habitat Is Here

This week, I saw the most dangerous neighbor I've ever met.

People call it "skunk". I didn't want to reach out to it because I was afraid it might spray me with smelly odor. Skunks don't have good eye sights. They can't see object more than three meters away. However, they have excellent sense of smell and hearing. If you see a skunk, you should at least keep a safe 6 meter distance because skunks can spray out 4 to 5 meters.

My husband has seen skunks many times. According to him, the premise of our apartment is their habitat. I have to be very careful to look around while I walk outside during the evenings. :(

 Today's Vocabulary
・ reach out to : ~に接触する
・ spray with : ~を吹きつける
・ smelly : adjective : 悪臭を放つ
・ keep a safe distance : 安全な距離を保つ
・ premise : noun / 敷地

Friday, June 22, 2012

Japanese Buffet

Today, I went to a Japanese buffet to meet my friends. It's been a while since we met together last time because one of our members was staying in Korea for two months. This time, she brought her six months old baby. He was so cute and energetic! While he was playing around jumping on my knees, he was laughing energetically. :)
The restaurant was filled with many customers. We could eat many Japanese food such as sushi, tempura, yakisoba and so on. There were incredible amount of Japanese food. 

There were many desserts too. The cakes tasted like real Japanese cakes. They were not excessively sweet. And they were very small in size. That's why I was able to eat as many cakes as I wanted. I liked them! :)

The cost per person came out to $20. Considering the quality of food from a Japanese stand point, I think it's not too shabby. If I have a chance, I will go there again! :)

Makino Sushi Seafood Buffet
1818 Main St
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 724-1204

 Today's Vocabulary
・ energetic : adjective / エネルギッシュな
・ energetically : adverb / 元気いっぱいに
・ small in size : サイズが小さい
・ come out : phrasal verb / (結果が)出る
・ a Japanese stand point : 日本人の視点で

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hollister Haul

Last night, I got an email from Hollister that they were having sale online. I wanted buy some but I had bought some clothing recently. I thought I shouldn't buy for a while. After that, I regretted about not buying them. Today, I checked their homepage. They were still having sale. I asked my husband whether or not I should order them. He said, "Go for it!" Haha... He usually agrees with me.

This time, I ordered some clothing for my sister as well as for me and my husband. I'm going to share what I ordered.

Aliso Creek
This cream white shirt was originally $49.50, but it was on sale for $14.94. I'd like to wear it with light color blue jeans.
Woodson mountain
This gray sweater was originally $29.50, but it was on sale for $5.94. I like simple designs. :)
Brooks Street
 This stripe sweater was originally $ 29.50, but it was on sale for $5.94.
Rocky Point
This navy cardigan was originally $79.50, but it was on sale for $14.94.

River Jetties

 This navy frilled shirt was originally $39.50, but it was on sale for $14.94. I ordered this for me and my sister.
1000 Steps Beach
 This stripe shirt was originally $24.50, but it was on sale for $5.34. I also ordered this for me and my sister.
This navy cardigan was originally $49.50, but it was on sale for $23.94. I ordered this for my sister.

Point Mugu

 This was for my husband. This long sleeve shirt was originally $29.50, but it was on sale for $8.34.

The total retail price was $395, but I paid for $114.60 plus tax ($8.87). In total it came out 71% off after discount! That's not too bad. :)

Did I buy too much clothing? Yeah, I know. :P I promise that I won't buy any more clothing until winter.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How I Accomplished My Plan for Summer Vacation

It's been a month since I made the goal for summer vacation. I'm going to evaluate myself in term of my accomplishment.

1. Nursing : Finish studying one chapter of the NCLEX textbook per week, and continue studying medical terminology. 

I accomplished 100% for NCLEX. However, I did 50% for medical terminology.

2. ESL grammar and vocabulary : Restudy Passages volume 1 textbook. Finish the textbook before summer semester begins.

I accomplished 90%. I finished studying the entire book expect for listening section.

3. ESL listening : Watch Grey's Anatomy every day. Finish watching season 2 before summer semester begins.

I accomplished 100%. I already have been watching season 3. I ordered the DVDs for season 1 to 7 from Amazon. I will receive them soon. When I first watched Grey's Anatomy, it was difficult to understand what the characters was saying. I understood about 30 to 50%. However, I understand that over 80% now. I think I was getting use to it. After getting DVDs, I want to focus on vocabularies and phrases with seeing the subtitles.

4. Exercise : Exercise every afternoon and night.
 I exercised twice a day for two weeks. Then, I didn't at all! My backache has gone away already. That's why I became lazy again. I know if I don't exercise regularly, I will have severe backache again. Okay, I should do it!

As I mentioned in my previous entry this month, I was going to go school from this Monday, but I dropped out my summer class. So, I have two more months of vacation! I know that I typically became lazy when I have too much excess time. I have been studying for a month. However, I was studying more than now while I went to a school. :P  I'm going to make a goal for another month. It's good way to make my summer vacation preoccupied. :)

1. Nursing : Finish studying one chapter of the NCLEX textbook per week, and continue studying medical terminology.

2. ESL Writing : Finish studying one unit of the Blueprints 1 textbook every two weeks.

3. ESL listening : Watch Grey's Anatomy every day. Finish watching season 3 in a month.

4. Exercise : Exercise every afternoon and night.

I'm going to evaluate myself a month later again. Now, I will turn over a new leaf and enjoy my summer vacation!

 Today's Vocabulary
・ make a goal : 目標を立てる
・ evaluate oneself : 自己評価する
・ turn over a new leaf : 心機一転する、心を入れ替える