Monday, February 11, 2013

Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Review

 A month ago, I bought Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser in Japan, so I'm going to review on it.

 As I mentioned in my previous entry, there are three different types of Aroma Diffuser available in Japan. I ended up choosing the smallest one because it consumes less electricity. I wanted to use one in my bedroom, so I thought this compact size would be sufficient enough in my bedroom.
It included a small travel bag, and it was 2900yen, which was equivalent to $33. I though it was reasonable. :)  As far as I know, this Compact Size Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is only available in Japan.

I have used it 10 times or so, and I am satisfied with the performance. Even though it is the smallest size, the aroma fills out my room very well with only one drop of essential aroma oil. Which means that I don't have to consume excess essential oil and can save money. What the most I like is that it consumes only 10W per hour. Its description reads that the electricity fee is only 0.22 yen per hour, which is about 0.24 cent per hour in the U.S., or cheaper (I guess). The maintenance is easy, just wipe it out with damp paper towel and Q-Tip.

This warm color LED light is pretty and makes me relax. :)

See, the mist is coming out swiftly. You can see that this smallest diffuser is effective enough.


After I used it, I understood that Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser has many positive reviews. Now, there are 603 reviews for this diffuser on a Japanese review site and most reviews are positive. :)  I found out that the best way to sustain its life span is to properly wipe out the inside periodically, especially the vibrating plate because dust buildup decreases its function.

If you are planing on traveling to Japan, you should check one out at Muji store. It's because Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is cheaper than the one in the U.S. While large size in Japan is 6900yen (including tax), which is about $76.66, the same one is selling $119.50 (without tax) in the U.S.  While medium size in Japan is 4900yen (including tax), which is about $54.44, the same medium size is $69.50 without tax in the U.S. If you buy it in Japan and use it in the U.S., you have to know the voltage difference between Japan and U.S. The voltage in the U.S. is 110-120V, but the voltage in Japan is 100V. You might think you need to buy a transformer. I don't guarantee you, but I have never experienced troubles with using Japanese electronics in the U.S. I think it's because the voltage difference between U.S. and Japan is little. Unlike the U.S. and Japan, many countries' voltage is 220V. If so, you can't use one you purchase in Japan without a transformer in your country.
Large Size Diffuser 6900 yen (Japan)  / $119.50 (U.S.)

Medium Size Diffuser 4900 yen (Japan)  /  $69.50 (U.S.)

Anyway, I love my Muji aroma diffuser so much since the aroma makes me happy and relax. I am glad that I finally got it in Japan.  :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing the review(I enjoyed your MUJI entries a lot). I got both medium and large size ones and I like them. The large size one seems to be more powerful(for larger space) and it comes with a set of power outlet heads, which enable the machine to be used anywhere on earth (you know different nations use different power outlets).

    I am also interested in the essential oil blends by MUJI, but I didn't purchase since the price seems to be very steep. A 10ml bottle cost around $15-$20, I am sure they are in good quality but I can easily buy a 30ml essential oils with $15 from reputable shops.

    Can you share your experience on the MUJI essential oil blends? I am trying to blend some by myself following the concept of MUJI.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I'm glad that you also like Muji diffusers. :)

      I don't have Muji essential oil because they are pretty pricy as you said. I own Now Foods essential oils, which are lavender oil, tea tree oil, and orange oil, and I only use them individually. I've never tried blending.
      However, I became interested in essential oil blend through your comment. I think I won't buy Muji ones, but I will try blending in different brand someday and will share my experiences through my blog.

      Thanks again. :)

  2. Does your diffuser make a bubbling noise? Mine is so bubbly. I expected it to be silent except for a slight humming and the sound of the mist, but this practically sounds like one of those little waterfall machines. I'm worried something is wrong with it.

    1. My diffuser has slight operating noise and makes bubbling sound once in a while. It's not noisy for me at all. I've just googled about noise of Muji aroma diffuser in Japanese and found that some people have mentioned about its bubbling sound but they describe it as comfortable sound, which means that it is very silent sounds I guess. I also found that when somebody turned on the power without the lid, the water spewed out from the diffuser. Make sure if the lid of your diffuser is closed properly.
      I think very silent noise is not malfunction, but the noise like a little waterfall machine is something wrong... Where did you buy it? Can you return or exchange it?

  3. Hey. I have recently purchased a muji aroma diffuser as well, as size as yours. I find that even though the vapour is dry to touch, it tends to float downward and wet the entire table space around. I am wondering if you have read anything about it Japanese?

    1. A few people mention about it on their reviews. According to the instruction manual of Muji aroma diffuser in Japanese, when indoor air is high in temperature and humidity, mists will diffuse forward and might wet around the diffuser. I don't have this problem since I am living in pretty dry area. Some people recommend to place it on higher level, such as the corner of the table or counter. I hope this will help.

  4. hi, I found your reviews of the diffuser after seeing a co-worker's compact /travel size diffuser and fell in love with it - the perfect size for an open workspace as the output is lower and not everyone likes the smell of various oils (and some are allergic). I checked with the stores in NY and you're right that the small version isn't available in the US. I haven't found it on ebay or amazon either. Do you know if they still make it? I don't read or speak Japanese, but I went onto the Japanese online store and I saw the other models but from what I could tell visually (and from some of the numbers - size and capacity) I didin't see that one on their site.
    If they dont' make it, do you know of any Japanese auction sites that might have it (shipping to the US)?
    thanks in advance!!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you like Muji diffuser too.

      Unfortunately, I don't see the compact diffuser on Japanese Muji online store, either. I googled about it in Japanese to see if they discontinued the compact size, but nobody mentions about it as far as I can see. A few people still sell compact ones on Japanese auction site, ヤフオク, but most sellers usually don't accept international shipping. Besides all that, buyers need to understand Japanese because Japanese auction site is much more complicated than eBay. You can buy items through Buyee, a buying service for Yahoo! Japan Auctions, but I have never used Buyee, so I don't know how they work exactly. Hope this helps.