Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Unstable Moniter

     My lap top computer was partly broken yesterday. :( I bought this Lenovo lap top computer last year, but all screws has become loose, and some of them has fallen off spontaneously several times since this year. Yesterday, one of screw became loose, and some parts fallen off. As the result, I can not fold up the monitor anymore; moreover, I can not touch the screen because it is unstable. I am using it like a desk top computer because I can not move it. :( The computer works well unless the problem, but I am thinking about getting a new computer because the problem is pretty stressful. I use my computer for my study, so it's very important for me.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On the Border

    Tonight, I went to On the Border, which is a Mexican restaurant, for dinner because my coupon would expire tomorrow. Frankly, I hesitated to go to a Mexican restaurant because I had severe stomachache last Sunday and tried to avoid eating spicy foods. However, my condition has been getting better, so I decided to go there before the coupon expire, and I thought it would be okay if I didn't add spicy sauce.

     This salsa was rather spicier than I expected, but I was able to eat without stomachache. Somehow, my gastritis has been cured in the past two days.  :)    


     We usually can not eat everything, but we were able to eat all of them, and I didn't have stomachache at all. Yay!

      Because we had a coupon, which was for free one entree and chips, it cost only $14 for all! We will eat these chips soon, but I will choose mild salsa for my stomach. :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Cents of Style Haul

     Last week, I bought a headwrap from Cent of Style. It was originally $12.95 but was $5.18 on sale including shipping fee. I was always looking for headwraps for long time, so I didn't want to miss out on this deal! :)
Diamond Print Headwrap

     I wore this with up style. It pops my hair style and is very cute. It also secured my hair style and stayed on my head very well for many hours. It's perfect, and I love it! :) 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


     Today, I went to CVS, Rite Aid, and Walmart as usual Sunday. While I was walking in the parking lot of Walmart, I suddenly started having stomachache. I had never had such strong gastric pain before. I thought I had to think about many things including my study in past a week. In addition, I have had a lot of spicy foods and have drunk coffee these days. That's why I thought my stomach couldn't tolerate finally. I took antacid medicines and rested for a while. Then, my stomach pain disappeared, and I ate apple sauce and toast for my lunch. Then, I studied for hours. As soon as I finished my dinner, I started having strong stomachache again. I took antacid medicines, and now I have no pain. I guess that I have gastritis, so I need avoid having spicy foods and coffee for a while. :( I will try to have the BRAT diet, which is diet for gastritis.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

DSW Haul

     Today, my husband and I went shopping. I received a $5 DSW coupon by mail, and we both won SnapFive, which is an Old Navy $5 coupon, again. :)

     First, we went to Old Navy. We bought my husband's boxers for $1 (was originally $8.50) and jeans for $5.49 (was originally $39.94) after discounts. :)

    After that, we went to DSW, and I found this belt at clearance section. It was usually very difficult to find my size and my favorite design for belts at clearance, so I thought I was lucky. It was originally $38.99 but was labeled 80% additional discounts from $24.94. It was only a cent after my $5 coupon! That's an incredible deal!

     I thought this belt would be perfect with my summer dress. :) I like this summer-like material and very chic design.

     Then we went to Flame Broiler, which is our favorite fast-food restaurant, because my husband experienced symptom of hypoglycemia. Haha.

    We also went to Whole Foods, Ralphs, and CVS today. We enjoyed Saturday shopping. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

I Was Worn Out

     I didn't sleep well last night. I slept only for an hour this morning. :( I took NCLEX for six hours, but it was very hard to concentrate with sleep deprived four hours after starting the exam. I was totally worn out when I finished my exam at 7 p.m. Tonight, I checked my result and found out I failed it. :( Overall, the contents of the examination were more difficult than I expected. I was sometimes not able to understand what the questions were asking for because of my lack of English knowledge. I need to study hard next two months to pass the exam. I will try to find better ways to study for NCLEX from now on.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Day Before My First Exam

     Tomorrow, I'm going to take NCLEX at last. I am very nerves, and I started thinking I might fail tomorrow because I didn't score well today. :(  Anyway, I will carefully answer each question and do my best tomorrow. Hopefully, I will sleep well tonight.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hello, Royal Baby !!

       On July 22, my husband bought cakes on the way home from work because England royal baby, who was named George Alexander Louis today, was delivered. He wanted to celebrate the birth of the royal baby. We ate cakes while watching the happy news. :)

   This mont blanc cake tasted very good! :) I wasn't able to eat whole piece of cake though.

     My husband ate this chocolate cake.
     By the way, I thought Kate was discharged very soon while Japanese women are usually hospitalized for five to seven days after giving a birth. I was surprised that the medical cost in England is free while the medical fee of no complex delivery is around $4,000 in Japan and $20,000 in the U.S.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scarf Is Not Allowed to Wear

     Today, I checked what I need to take to the NCLEX center. I need to bring a copy of ATT and driver's license. In addition, I will take two granola bars, a bottle of water, and painkiller medicine. I searched what people take to their test center and found out that NCLEX has very strict rule to prevent cheating. I was planing on wearing my scarf because I have a cold constitution and scarf is very handy for me in cool temperature, but I noticed I am not allowed to wear it during test. I carefully read many people's posts, and I thought that I need to be very careful during test. One of posts read that as soon as a woman started to hyperventilate during her test, they made her leave the test center even though she didn't finish her test. Because her behavior was unusual, they had to be suspicious of her. Another person checked her cellphone during break, and she had to leave immediately because all candidates are not allowed to touch any electronic device even during a break. I won't take my cellphone to the test center to be safe. I was glad to know many strict rules prior to my exam. I have only two days until my first NCLEX.

This is the official site for NCLEX candidate rules.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Prior to My Exam

     Today, I went to my apartment's gym after so long because I was worried if I can sustain sitting in a chair for six hours during the exam. It's because I used to have severe backache, so sitting in a chair for many hours is very difficult for my back. I should prevent muscle tension by exercising. I have three more days until my exam.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Great Deal at Ralphs

      Last month, one of my nearest Ralphs stores was closed. I received four coupons, which are $10 off with purchase $25 more on one transaction, by mail from Ralphs. I thought these coupons are regional and very useful. My husband and I went to Ralphs today and used that coupon.

    We purchased...

3 Bread for $1.88 each,
vegetable juice for $3.99,
a box of granola bars for free with a free e-coupon (was on sale for $2.99),
two bananas for $0.66,
a pack of guacamole for $3.99 with a $1 off e-coupon,
two tomatoes for $0.59,
two nectarines for $0.85,
two apples for $0.81,
S.G shampoo for $7.19,
4 packages of gum for $0.39 each on clearance, and
Clear shampoo for free with a free e-coupon (was on sale for $5.49)

     Total price was $25.28, and we used a $10 coupon. In addition, we used a free coupon for vegetable juice, a $4 off coupon for guacamole, two $1 off coupons for gum. We ended up paying $5.29!

     The $10 coupons are very useful, and we have two more coupons. These are only valid for specific week, so we might go to Ralphs next week again.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trader Joe's Shelf-Stable Whipping Cream

     Few weeks ago, I bought whipping cream at Trader Joe's. I had never seen shelf-stable whipping cream before. Have you ever seen it before? I know it's common that some milk products are shelf-stable, such as soy milk and rice milk. Nonetheless, I was impressed that this cream allows being stored at room temperature, and its expiration date was longer than refrigerated cream. Moreover, it was only $1.29, so it was much cheaper than refrigerated cream! 

    My husband used it when he made green tea ice cream last week, and it tasted just as good as I expected! I'll definitely repurchase it when I go to Trader Joe's.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

I Have Only Six Days

     A few days ago, I searched about people's experiences of the day of NCLEX on Internet. I found five blogs of Japanese people who took NCLEX, but I finally noticed all of them failed their first exam. Which means it is not easy at all! I started thinking that I might fail it as well. If I fail the exam, I need to study two more months until the second exam... I am almost worn out by studying for it all day long, but I should continue to study it until passing the exam. How many times will I take the exam? I have only six days until my first attempt.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Car Wash

     Today, my husband and I washed my car at last, so I won't have to be embarrassed when I drive my car on my NCLEX day. However, I checked weather forecast on my smart phone and found out  it might rain this coming Sunday. :( It's not rainy season though. Hmm...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

After the Exam

     I have nine days until my NCLEX. That day is coming up soon! Yesterday, I read one of my favorite blog. The blogger got nursing license in February, and after that she has gotten two certificates which are BLS, Basic Life Support, and ACLS, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. Even though she was able to become a registered nurse, it is very hard to get a job today. That's why she wanted to increase her medical knowledge and got certificates in order to survive in employment ice age. I don't have any plan after passing my exam, but I think I need to take some medical classes prior to getting a job. I need to improve my speaking and listening skill as well... However, what I need to do now is study for NCLEX in order to become a registered nurse. I hope I will pass the exam on my first try.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My New Wish List

    I became interested in Michael Todd True Organics Eye-o-sonic System, is the application to increase the absolution of eye serum and eye cream deeper into the skin. I found this review on Youtube videos, and most users recommend this product. The first aging process starts around eye area and neck area, so I think investing for this beauty gadget is probably worth my money. Moreover, using a new gadget must be fun.
    Now, this is selling at for $73.99, but I found some comments that they bought it for around $25 at Groupon. I think I should wait for the sale for a while.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

I Finally Reached Level 8

     Today, I finally reached maximum level of online NCLEX practice quiz, NCLEX-10,000 by PrepU. The Mastery Level 8, which is the maximum level, is pretty complex and difficult. I had done 4,550 questions until I reached level 8. I was able to have more confidence than before by reaching level 8. I will continue this until my NCLEX.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Dirty Car

     Today, my husband and I went to the place where I am going to take NCLEX. I haven't driven for two months now, but I still didn't drive today. :P Today, we were going to use my car, but my car was surprisingly all muddy. That's why we had to use my husband's car. We haven't moved my car for two weeks or so because I have been staying at home all day long for nursing study, and meanwhile, it has rained. Because I won't drive until NCLEX, I didn't care about my dirty car. Haha! :P However, next weekend, I'm going to wash my car prior to my exam. I have only 12 days until my first NCLEX. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Smoothie Day

    Today, my husband made two kinds of smoothies. He made chocolate smoothie with frozen banana, 1 cup of milk, some ice, and chocolate smoothie powder.

     The next one was kale smoothie. He made it with two kale leaves, 1 small apple, frozen banana, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, some ice, and little water.

     Some kale leaves are still in refrigerator. He will probably make kale smoothie again.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

What Is the Best Coffee

   Today, I read Yahoo article which is "Is Starbucks Really the Best Coffee?". They have surveyed to find out which coffee brand tastes good. As the result, the best coffee brand was surprisingly Walmart Great Value Arabica Medium Roast.

#1 (E) Wal-mart. Great Value Arabica Medium Roast. This brand averaged #1 for both strength and taste. Best of all this was our cheapest brand at just $3.38 for 11 ounces.
#2 (A) Starbucks House Blend Medium Roast. It turns out America’s #1 coffee joint also makes an impressive house blend.
#3 (D) Gevalia. Testers say the taste was better than its strength.
#4 (C) Folgers. The opposite was true. Strength surpassed taste.
#5 (B) Dunkin Donuts. Taste testers complained it just wasn’t strong enough.
      I usually purchase whatever coffee on sale. I don't have any particular favorite coffee brand. Because I always drink iced coffee with milk and sugar, the taste has no big difference with any coffee brand.
     By the way, I have never purchased Walmart coffee. Does it really taste good?

Is Starbucks Really the Best Coffee?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Have Two More Weeks

    These days, I have been reading my textbook for the tips for NCLEX study. I have two more weeks until NCLEX. I got some tips how to prepare for NCLEX, and I decided that this weekend, I'll drive to the place I will take NCLEX to see traffic and parking space in order not to be confused that day.
   Time goes by so quickly...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rabbits Are My Neighbors

     Tonight, my husband and I took a walk to the closest mall for exercise. During walking, we saw some rabbits as usual. Unlike the U.S., it is exceptionally rare to see wild rabbits anywhere in Japan. In my country, rabbits inhabit only in the mountains.

     Because rabbits are very cautious, they run away quickly. That's why it is very difficult to take pictures usually. However, tonight, I was able to take some pictures. :)

     This rabbit didn't run away until I got very close to her. :) However, my husband told me that this rabbit in this picture didn't look as cute as in real life because of red-eye effect with a flash. :(

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Makeup Skill

    Today, I watched a Youtube makeup video. She shows her foundation routine. Since I started watching Youtube beauty videos, I think my makeup skill has been improving. I had never used brushes for applying foundation before moving to the U.S. I used to use foundation sponge in Japan. Learning new way to do makeup is fun for me, and I think that watching Youtube videos is the best way to improve my makeup skill. I'd like to follow her step next time I do makeup.  

Monday, July 8, 2013

Homemade Pizza

     Last night, my husband and I made pizza for supper. We bought most ingredients at Trader Joe's.

Pizza dough

Pizza sauce

     My husband bought basil plant a few weeks ago. It's time to taste it.

    We added sliced onion, tomatoes, olives, and mozzarella cheese and baked it with 405 degree for 15 minutes.

    It tasted just as great as I expected!
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fresh Vegetable Juice at Whole Foods

      Today, my husband and I went to Whole Foods. It's been a while since we went there last time. I was very interested in fresh vegetable juice because I found a liking for my homemade kale smoothie. Whole Foods fresh vegetable juice was pretty expensive for us, and we had never tried it before. However, today we really wanted to try it because of hot weather.

     We chose 16 oz of The Hangar, which is contained apple, pineapple, orange, ginger, lime and kale.

     Cashier told us it would take six minutes to make it. There were many people waiting for juice like Starbucks. :)

     The staff was making each juice at a time. That's why it would take time.

      Before we received it, we hadn't been able to imagine how big it would be and how it would taste. It was big enough with crushed ice for two people and tasted incredibly good! The color of the juice was green, but it wasn't bitter at all. It was very fresh and fresh fruit & lime tastes mostly. I felt like that I was treating my body well. I was very satisfied with the taste and was happy.     

     We sat on the sofa outside of the store and tasted our juice. It was a very beautiful day, and I was able to refresh our body and soul by drinking fresh vegetable juice. :) When we go there next time, I will definitely order it again!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Chick of Seagull at La Jolla Beach

    My husband and I went to La Jolla Beach to see seals on July 4. It was very crowded, and some roads were closed. I guessed that it was due to fireworks. Many people set up tents there. Maybe, they were waiting for fireworks.

     Usually, there are many seals lying on the beach, and people cannot go into the beach. However, there were many people and no seal was on the beach that day. I thought seals couldn't reach and rest on the sand because of people.

     I was able to see 10 seals there. They were staring at people from ocean. I thought they were wondering why their beach was occupied with so many people that day. They must have wanted to lie and rest on the beach. 

     At the beach, I saw an adult seagull and a chick. It was my first time to see baby seagull. The chick was very fluffy and small, and she always followed her mother. They looked scared every time people crossed behind them.

   They sometimes became separated while escaping from people.
     She was looking for her mother...

     Some people were swimming at the beach where seals inhabited.

    I don't know if the beach was opened for people because of 4th of July, but many wild animals, such as seals and seagulls lives were interrupted that day. It was very sad.

     After a short while we left the beach, fireworks started. My husband and I were able to see fireworks from our car. On the way home, we were able to see many fireworks from over 10 different locations from on the freeway. The fireworks were set off along many beaches. I had never seen fireworks on 4th of July in the U.S. That's why it was very memorable moment for me. 

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