Thursday, April 30, 2015

Funny Japanese TV Commercial

       Yesterday, I found this very interesting Japanese TV commercial. Amemiya (雨宮) is a professional pest control company in Nagoya, Japan. Their new commercial have been much talked about in Japan since it's published on YouTube. It won't leave positive images of this company. However, the animation is super funny, and the song on this commercial is so catchy. I didn't know this company before, but I think I will never forget the name of this company because of this intense commercial. In this commercial, they sings, "when you are in trouble with pigeons, call Amemiya". The man in this commercial has so many pigeon's poo on his head. He must be trouble with pigeons.

     This animation was created by AC部 (AC Bu), which is the group consist of three Japanese CG animation creators, Toru Adachi, Makoto Andou and Syunsuke Itakura.

     I found that AC Bu also created this promotion video of THERAPY, which is a song by group_inou. This video makes zero sense but is so funny.

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