Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Indian Eggplants

       About a week ago, I bought these Indian eggplants at my local Sprouts. I had never cooked Indian eggplants before and didn't know how to cook these.
Indian Eggplants
         These were so small compared to Japanese eggplants!
Indian Eggplants
         I decided to cook stuffed Indian eggplants, bharwa baingan, for my first time. Frankly, it was not simple to make this. Making Indian curry pastes which would be stuffing required a lot of steps, and stuffing curry pastes into small eggplants was also difficult for me. However, trying a new recipe is always fun, and these actually turned out so good. :) I would like to try more of Indian recipes.
Stuffed Indian Eggplant

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  1. Love the concept of this blog! Your English is wonderful and love all the tips and product reviews. :)