Thursday, April 2, 2015

Josh Woodward - Dead Code

       I have recently uploaded my YouTube video, Driving to San Diego. I used one of Josh Woodward's songs, Dead Code, as a background music because the music tempo is so fast, which was what I was looking for. The lyrics of some of his songs are pretty hard to understand for me because English is my second language, but I would like to try to understand meaning of lyrics of all my favorite songs.

Music - "Dead Code" by Josh Woodward. Free download:

Josh Woodward - Dead Code


They optimized my bottlenecks
Removed redundant pointer checks
The database's subselects are indexed to a tee

The shaved the microseconds down
Till there was nothing left to count
I instantaneously found the answer in a breeze

But I've been feeling so alone
Nobody here has called me from a function or a phone
If I'm dead code let me die, cuz I'm only wasting memory alive

I nailed every code review
My scope and reach was absolute
From testing groups to inner loops, I blew them all away

Then one day, it all just stopped
The calling stack was pushed and popped
And never was I found on top after that fateful day


If I’d overshot a pointer
Like a jumping Jackie Joyner
Maybe someone would have noticed me

But I'm stuck here in this limbo
Not where functions who have sinned go
But instead just taking space on IDEs

Did some library just obsolete
The reason why I came to be
Some sexy GPL release
That all the kiddos love

Some neckbeard in a Yoda shirt
A copy, then a paste insert       
He didn't finish all the work
And left me here as cruft

If I'm dead code wipe the drive
Cuz I'd rather be a memory than a ghost who's still alive

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