Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to Cook Carrot Leafy Tops, Delicious Deep-Fried Carrot Leaves

      Today, I bought a bunch of organic carrots at my local supermarket. The carrots had leafy green tops, and the tops smelled like crown daisy leaves, which is one of my favorite vegetable. :) That's why I decided to cook them tonight. I searched how to cook them on Cookpad, a huge Japanese recipe site. I made deep-fried carrot leaves and carrot stem miso paste. Actually, they turned out so delicious side dishes.  I'm going to share with you how to cook delicious deep-fired carrot leaves today. I referred to this recipe on Cookpad. (Next time, I will share how to cook carrot green stems with you. :))

       These are deep-fired carrot leaves which I cooked today. They were so crisply. :)
Delicious Deep-Fried Carrot Leaves


4 cups of carrot leafy green tops
1/3 cup of potato starch

ponzu sauce (or just salt)

1. Remove stems from carrot leafy tops. You can cook the stems for the other recipe, so do not toss them away. :)

2. Put carrot leaves in a large bowl. Add potato starch and mix them thoroughly.

3. Heat oil to very high temperature (375F). Deep fry them in oil in small batches.

4. When both sides cooked, take out from the pan and place them on paper towels to drain off the excess oil.

5. Enjoy! Dip each piece in ponzu sauce, or simply sprinkle salt on it.

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