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Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Bath Salt / Bath Additive Brands

      How often do you take a bath? You probably know that Japanese people take a bath every night before sleeping. Soaking in a bathtub relieves your tired body, and it makes you relax and sleepy. Because Japanese people know there are so many health benefits of a bath, soaking in a bathtub is the most important time of a day for them.

      These are health benefits of a bath.
 ・increase blood circulation
 ・relieve suffering from sensitivity to cold temperatures
 ・heal your tiredness
 ・relieve arthritis pain
 ・relieve back pain
 ・improve skin conditions such as eczema, acne, chapped skin and frostbite

      Indeed, when I stay at my parents' home in Japan, I take a bath and use Japanese bath additives (powder / tablet / liquid) every single night. They always stock two to four kinds of them in their bathroom and enjoy choosing one every night.(This is actually typical. Japanese people do this every night.) Regardless of age and sex, using Japanese bath additives is common in Japan. That's why you can find so many kinds of bath products at drugstores, convenience stores and etc. Since I was little, I have tried so many Japanese bath additive products in Japan. Today, I'm going to share with you top 5 most popular bath additive brands in Japan. All products listed below are ones you can find any drugstore in Japan, so if you are planning on visiting Japan, I highly recommend to get these there.

1. Bab (バブ)
      Bab is bath tablets made by Kao Corporation, which is one of huge chemical and cosmetic companies in Japan. Bab was first released in 1983 and has been long-selling bath products in Japan. As soon as you soak the tablet in hot water, it starts releasing carbon dioxide which increases blood circulation and relieves your tired body. Because of Bab, effervescent bath additives became very popular in Japan.

  Bab Forest Omotenashi (バブ 森のおもてなし )
      This includes four kinds of bath tablets, camphor tree, Japanese cypress, green bamboo and nadeshiko.

Bab Forest (バブ 森の香り)

Bab Milky White Rose (バブ ミルキー ホワイトローズ)

2. Bath Roman (バスロマン)
 Bath Roman is bath powder made by Earth Chemical Corporation. Bath Roman was first released in 1964. I really like Bath Roman because they are so affordable and have so many products I can choose from.

Bath Roman Yakusen Blue (薬泉バスロマン にごり湯 乳青色)
     This Bath Roman has so many positive reviews on Amazon!

Bath Roman Hinoki (バスロマン ヒノキ浴)

Bath Roman Forest (バスロマン 森林温浴)
    This is my favorite one! It smells like forest.

3.  Kikiyu Bath Salts (きき湯)
      Kikiyu was first released in 2003 by Tsumura, which is now Bathclin Corporation. Kikiyu is small bath tablets and also release carbon dioxide just like Bab.    

Kikiyu Salt Carbon Dioxide Bath (きき湯 食塩炭酸湯)

Kikiyu Clay Sodium Bicarbonate Carbon Dioxide Bath (きき湯 クレイ重層炭酸湯)

Kikiyu  Magnesium Carbon Dioxide Bath (きき湯 マグネシウム炭酸湯)

4. Tabino Yado (旅の宿)
     Tabino Yado is bath powder made by Kracie. I often find these bath powder at my parents' home because some of our relatives send these bath powder as Japanese traditional year-end gifts. These bath powder includes specific hot spring agents, so you can choose your favorite Japanese hot spring every night. :)  

Tabino Yado Hot Springs Milky Bath Salts (旅の宿 にごり湯シリーズパック 十和田・奥飛騨・霧島・ 信州白骨)

Tabino Yado Hot Springs Clear Bath Salts (旅の宿 とうめい湯シリーズパック 登別・草津・箱根・白浜・別府)

Tabino Yado Hot Springs Moisturing Bath Salts (旅の宿 しっとり湯シリーズパック 有馬・道後・湯布院・湯沢)

5. Bathclin (バスクリン)
      Bathclin is bath powder made by Bathclin Corporation. Bathclin was first relased in 1930 and has been long selling product. I sometimes call "bathclin" as a term of general bath powder.

Bathclin Pure Skin ''Yawaraka'' Luxurious Soft (バスクリン ピュアスキン 贅沢やわらか肌)

Bathclin Medicated Bath  (バスクリン薬湯 カラダめぐり浴)

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