Thursday, July 16, 2015

Whole Foods Coffee Beans - You Can Enjoy Coffee Bloom

       Last Saturday, my husband and I went to Whole Foods to purchase freshly roasted coffee beans as usual.

       We decided to purchase Organic Eye Opener Blend this time. This was just roasted the day we purchased it. :) On the following day, he bought Organic Early Bird Blend at another Whole Foods on his way back to home from work. He told me that they were just roasting coffee beans at the store when he was there!

       We used to believe that dark roasted coffee beans were perfect for making iced coffee, but if you choose very freshly roasted coffee beans, medium roasted coffee beans are also excellent for iced coffee. These days, we have enjoyed making iced coffee with Whole Foods Allegro coffee beans with Japanese iced coffee method, which is brewing coffee hot over ice. Only when you brew coffee with very freshly roasted coffee beans, you can see "coffee bloom" during brewing process. Coffee bloom is the key to brew the best coffee. When I can take pictures of coffee bloom, I will write about coffee bloom on my blog. :)

     By the way this is my video, How to Brew Cofee with Japanese Drip Coffee Bags. The second method in this video is Japanese iced coffee method.

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