Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Package from My Mother-In-Law in Japan

     Yesterday, my husband and I received this package which was sent by my mother-in-law, who lives in Japan. :) She has sometimes sent some Japanese foods since we moved to the U.S. We really appreciate her kindness. :) I'm going to share what she sent this time with you. Some of them are only available in Kyushu, where is our hometown. 

        This is Yame Matcha Langue de Chart, matcha chocolate cookies. Only green tea leaves grown in Yame district can be described Yame green tea. I used to have Yame green tea every single day when I lived in Fukuoka.

       This is an cup of instant champon noodles. Champon is regional cuisine of Nagasaki prefecture. 

        This is a package of instant noodles for saraudon which is also regional cuisine of Nagasaki.

       This is Shiokonbu, salted dried kelp. This is perfect for seasoning of rice balls. I also make Japanese pickles with Shiokonbu and cucumber.

       This is dried laver for rice ball.  

       This is a pack of dried Japanese radish leaves. I've never tried it before!

    These are packs of instant soup. These are perfect for midnight snacks. :) 

      This is Takanazuke, pickles of Japanese mustard leaves. Takanazuke is famous pickles in Kyushu. I will rinse and chop these pickles and fry them with sesame oil. They are perfect with freshly steamed rice.

     This is a pack of dried vegetable and seaweeds. Just add them in any kinds of soup or instant noodle. They will be very useful when we don't have enough time to cook but want to eat nutritious foods.

       This is Marutai Bou Ramen, a pack of instant ramen noodles. We used to eat Marutai Bou Ramen when we were children. :)

       This is a box of strawberry tarts. Fukuoka is also famous for Amaou, which is a famous breed of strawberries in Japan. Indeed, when I was a child, my next-door neighbors who were growing Amaou strawberries often gave my family plenty of freshly picked strawberries in huge boxes, and I really loved their delicious fresh strawberries. Amaou strawberries are bigger and sweeter than U.S. ones. If you go to Japan, you really should try Japanese strawberries. :)

      We opened the package and decided to eat ones!

      It didn't have distinct strawberry taste but so good! :))

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