Friday, February 5, 2016

Sunmerry Bakery

       My husband has bought some cakes to celebrate my birthday. This time, he bought them at Sunmerry, which is a Japanese and Taiwanese pastry shop and was just opened last year. Sunmmery was originated from Japan. It was established in Tokyo in 1946. They expended their business Taiwan too. Finally, one of their branches opened in my local area in the U.S.!
       When I lived in Japan, I didn't know Sunmerry because all their branches are located in Kanto region. (In Japan, I mostly lived in Fukuoka and Osaka.) We had some pastries from Sunmerry for our first time last month, and we really loved them. :) That's way we decided to try their cakes this month.

      I was not sure if we would love their cakes because I became pretty picky about sweetness of pastries after moving to the U.S. However, after my first bite of the cake, I was surprised that their cake was less sweet which I really love. If you like very sweet pastries, you might be disappointed at it thought. I really hope Sunmerry will keep their cakes with less sweetness. It's because we used to love 85 ℃ Bakery, which is a very popular Taiwanese pastry shop in my local area, but their cakes got sweeter year after year, and I eventually didn't like their Americanized cakes.
        Anyway, I was glad that I finally found my favorite cakes on my birthday!

      After having cakes from Sunmerry, I had a piece of Dove chocolate.

       The package of the chocolate read, "Be proud of your age." Wow, it seemed like as if the message written for my birthday!

Sunmerry Bakery
14805 Jeffrey Rd Ste E 
Irvine, CA 92618

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