Saturday, June 17, 2017

Satsuma Age

     Today, my husband and I ordered this set of satsuma age from Amazon Japan for my father-in-law.
Satsuma Age
        Have you ever heard of satsuma age? Satsuma age (薩摩揚げ) is a deep-fried fishcake, made from ground fish, flour and etc. Satsuma (薩摩) means western Kagoshima, Japan, so satsuma age originated in Kagoshima prefecture.
     When my husband was a teen, he had a part-time job at a souvenir shop in a rest area on highway in Fukuoka prefecture. He sometimes deep-fried many kinds of satsuma age and sold them there. Freshly deep-fried satsuma age was so delicious and one of the best-selling snacks at the souvenir shop. He told me, "I couldn't believe that I could eat so many samples of delicious satsuma age back then!" :) 

    We purchased the set of satsuma age made by Maruju. Their satsuma age is made from tofu and ground fish.

      We hope his parents will like them. :)

      You can find satsuma age at supermarkets and department stores in Japan. Freshly deep-fried satsuma age is so delicious, so if you are planning on visiting Japan, you should try one there. :)  By the way, the food section in a department store basement is called depa chika (デパ地下) in Japan. You can find a diverse selection of the highest quality foods at depa chika such as high-end Japanese confectionery, sushi from famous restaurants and etc. I think that depa chika is one of the must go to places in Japan. :) 

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